Legacy Circle

Most of us want our lives to make a difference and we may look to philanthropic commitment to achieve that goal. Legacy giving allows us to overcome current financial constraints and commit more than we could during our lifetime.

Gift Intent

The Legacy Circle is a recognition society that acknowledges anyone who makes a planned gift provision through the Treasure Coast Hospice Foundation to benefit the services provided by Treasure Health. There is no minimum gift requirement for Legacy Circle membership. To become a member, all you need do is to let us know of your gift or gift intent. If you wish, you may remain anonymous.

Top Hospices

Thanks in part to our generous supporters, Treasure Health ranks among the top three percent of 4,000 hospices in the nation based on number of patients served and is considered a national leader among hospice providers. Joining the Legacy Circle is a way to make a difference in the lives of those in our community for generations to come.