Spotlight: Brittany Martyr, MSW - Social Worker

I love being able to provide my patients and families with unconditional positive regard through compassionate counseling and to help walk them through this challenging journey in their lives. 

Brittany-MartyrAs a teenager, Brittany Martyr always enjoyed talking with people, especially seniors, and hearing their stories. Today, as a social worker, Brittany uses her communication skills to help patients and families understand and adjust to a serious illness. Sometimes a loved one’s diagnosis may be more difficult for a family member to accept than the patient. Working with the entire family, Brittany helps them reframe what hope is and counsels them on how they can enjoy quality time together. 

Helping patients and their loved ones find joy in new ways is a key part of her role. “Supporting a family with a Legacy Project, such as a life interview, photo or craft project, cook book, or audio recording, is one of the ways our team helps a family enjoy life and create lasting memories together.”