Treasured Pets Stories

BENJI – Shih Tzu, 11 years old 

BenjiBenji lived with his “Mom” since he was a puppy, including being by her side during her final six days in our Martin Inpatient Unit. The patient’s elderly mother loved Benji but was conflicted about her ability to adequately care for him. Treasured Pets offered to assist in finding a new forever home for Benji, but the patient’s mother was not ready to part with him. Two weeks later, she reached out to Treasured Pets … it was time. We immediately advertised Benji’s availability through our hospice network and in less than a week, Benji had a new loving home with a former Treasure Coast Hospice Case Manager and her husband, who works from home, as well as their own 11-year-old Shih Tzu for full-time companionship. The patient’s mother said that knowing that Benji had a home where he could thrive again “helps me have some closure at (my daughter’s) passing.” She then shared with our Treasured Pets Volunteer the beautiful picture of her daughter holding Benji that she had chosen for her daughter’s memorial prayer card.

ACE – Labradoodle, 8 years old


When Ace’s hospice patient “Mom” passed away at our Martin Inpatient Unit, her two young adult sons continued to care for him, but he missed his Mom and craved more consistent interaction than they could provide. The patient’s stepmother, a former Treasure Coast Hospice staff member who had been heavily involved with Treasured Pets, contacted us to help find Ace a new forever home. This case brought home to us the difficult choices that families have to make when facing the realty of surrendering a pet they love for the greater good. Through the Treasured Pets partnership with Nala’s New Life Rescue, Ace found a wonderful home with  a retired couple where he is clearly “master of the household.” His newfound happiness is obvious in this picture with his new parents!

HANDSOME Shih Tzu, 11 years old  |  LIZZIE - Poodle Mix, 10 years old

Handsome and Lizzie

These adorable dogs are pictured here with Treasured Pets Volunteer Diana Traegler. Their “Mom” had unexpected complications after surgery and was admitted to the Martin Inpatient Unit, passing away shortly thereafter. Though up in years, she had been very active and fully expected to have more time with Handsome & Lizzie. Treasured Pets promoted their adoption at the Treasure Coast Hospice Lakeside Stroll, where two young sisters participating in the event saw their pictures. Their grandmother was not so sure they were ready to adopt even one dog, however, the girls persisted. After a “meet & greet” – the girls fel in love with Lizzie and the grandmother fell in love with Handsome. Both dogs immediately had a new forever home!