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#GivingTuesday is a globally recognized day when individuals come together from all over the world to flood organizations with generosity that transform lives

Treasure Coast Hospice is inviting you to #GivetheGiftofComfort by supporting our Complementary Therapies program including Music and Massage Therapy and our new Virtual Reality experience.  

Last year, over 90% of our patients reported relief from pain, anxiety, depression and restlessness after just one session! And that relief is lasting between sessions! Over 90% WOW!

This year, our NEW Virtual Reality experience will bring even more relief from pain and other negative symptoms, with an added bit of FUN, nostalgia and family bonding. Patients along with their family members can enjoy experiences like swimming with dolphins, visiting a childhood home or traipsing through a faraway place they have always wanted to visit.  

But, We Need YOU to make this happen!

The total program cost this year is approximately $270,000 and it is NOT covered by Medicare, Medicaid or Insurance, therefore we are looking to you, our community, to pull together this #GivingTuesday to raise $10,000 for the program. We love to #GivetheGiftofComfort to our patients and know you do too!

Here’s how you can help:

1. GIVE generously today by clicking here to donate.

2. READ our Giving Tuesday Stories below to learn how your gift today can impact our community.

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This #GivingTuesday Treasure Coast Hospice wants to #GivetheGiftofComfort to help give their patients the extra comfort and fun of Music and Massage Therapy and Virtual Reality! Go to help make this possible today. 

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Virtual Reality Video

Rem has visited many places and experienced a host of adventures throughout his life. Watch as he relives the shared experience of flying seaplanes with his son, John, through the TCH Virtual Reality program. Read Rem’s full story below.

Music Therapy Video

The highlight of Lynn Marie’s week are her visits with TCH Music Therapist, Caitlin. Watch the joy on Lynn Marie’s face as she interacts with Caitlin during a recent Music Therapy session and read more below.

Giving Tuesday Stories

  1. Virtual Reality
  2. Music Therapy
  3. Massage Therapy


Virtual Reality

Often times when a person goes on hospice care, they take the time to reflect on past memories – places they’ve been and things they’ve done. Sometimes, they even think about something they wish they did but never got the chance, or that dream vacation they were always too busy to take.

Through the amazing technology of Virtual Reality (VR), the newest component of our Complementary Therapy Program, Treasure Coast Hospice can assist our patients with reliving those special moments from their past and even engage them in new adventures.

The Treasure Coast Hospice Foundation staff had the opportunity recently to share this technology with Rem Mayes, current board member and patient. 

Taking some initial direction from his wife Cheryl on experiences Rem would enjoy, we were able to take him on a stroll down memory lane. He was even able to go back to the underground cold storage facility in Carthage, Missouri, the business he owned and loved for almost four decades. During that virtual visit, with a huge smile on his face, Rem shared stories with us about the facility, his staff and clients as he pointed out some familiar sites. “See the docks…see the columns,” he said. “They are holding up the ceiling. This underground is built 90 feet below a civil war battlefield.”

Rem has visited many places and experienced a host of adventures throughout his life. Some things we were able to help him relive was a visit to Venice where he travelled the streets commenting on the beautiful St. Mark’s Basilica and the gondolas. “Boy, this is terrific,” he said. “Truly something else. Wow!”

After that, it was off to do some virtual swimming with the pigs in the gorgeous waters at Thunderball Grotto in the Bahamas, where Rem previously vacationed with Cheryl. 

Staying with the water theme, Rem’s next adventure was swimming with the dolphins, which he experienced firsthand before. “Man, that’s phenomenal,” he said. “So beautiful and peaceful. This is terrific. Wow! That’s something else. You really feel like you’re there.”

Before ending the day, there was a chance to see a virtual classic concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, fly a fighter jet, and even land a seaplane, a powered fixed-wing aircraft capable of taking off and landing on water.

The VR experience was not only fun for Rem, but it gave him the opportunity to reconnect with happy and memorable experiences from his past. Using VR enables us to bring Rem and other patients in our care to places and have experiences they may have thought were no longer possible at this point in their life journey.   

Rem’s experience with VR was so impactful that we were asked to bring the equipment again when his son John visited a few weeks later so they could use the technology together. Rem specifically asked if he could land the sea plane again, but this time with John by his side.

Our staff quickly learned that Rem and John used to fly seaplanes together. The sheer delight on both of their faces and in their voices as they landed that seaplane one more time through the magic of VR is a memory the family will cherish forever. Be sure to watch the video to share in their excitement.

Referring to his dad, John said, “This guy made me want to fly at 3 or 4 years old.” Their dialogue as they went through the experience was as if you were listening in on the in-flight conversation between a pilot and co-pilot. 

Rem: “There it is.”

John: “OK, here we go.”

Rem: “There it is.”

John: “Alright, you got this?”

Rem: “Yup, I got it.”

Facilitator: “How do you rate the landing?”

John: “It looked perfect to me.” 

Rem: “Was that alright?”

John: “As smooth as it gets. I think you did a good job.”

At Treasure Coast Hospice, we care for both the patient and the family, so being able to use VR to create a shared experience and give them one more memory despite limited mobility, between a dad and his son, is priceless. 

For the next half hour, we had the privilege of watching Rem and John share several other experiences together such as driving racecars, watching a full football field size American flag being unfurled on the field of Giant Stadium as the West Point band played the National Anthem, and climbing Mt. Everest. 

In real life, John had hiked to the base camp of Mt. Everest, an altitude of approximately 17,000 feet. Until VR, John could only share pictures of that trip with his dad and tell stories of his trek. Now, he got to share that experience virtually with his dad, and even experience climbing further up the mountain himself.  

Virtual Reality is truly an amazing technology that can not only take our patients anywhere they’ve been or want to go, but can take others along as well. Whether the patient chooses a relaxing experience such as yoga, playing with puppies or swimming with the dolphins, a more exhilarating one like flying a plane or climbing Mt. Everest, or just the chance to go home once again, we see those who agree to use VR as part of their plan of care re-experience joy, share their feelings, interact more with those around them, and create more memories.

Since VR is not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance, we solely rely on grants and the generosity of our community to offer this technology to our patients and families.

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