Gladys Agricola - Administrative Support

Gladys Agricola

Gladys Agricola 

Gladys Agricola began her career caring for newborns in the nursery at a Connecticut hospital. Years later, the experience she gained as a caregiver would help her care for her son and husband. Gladys’ 40-year-old son Chas died of melanoma in 2007. Her husband Chick, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, passed away in 2016. Both loved ones received hospice care.  

“Treasure Coast Hospice took such good care of them.  I became a volunteer because I wanted to give back.”

Since 2008, Gladys has been giving back. Like clockwork, she arrives at the Mayes Center in Stuart three days a week, ready and willing to help with any project needed. Gladys regularly greets guests at the reception area, organizes packages for veterans, and prepares mailings. 

Her volunteer work has kept her busy and focused. “It feels good to help others and it’s been great therapy for me to stay busy, surrounded by people who appreciate the work I’m doing.”   

Gladys’ kindness and charming wit have endeared her to staff and volunteers. She is also drawing on her experience caring for newborns once again, recently welcoming great-grandson Jace into the world.