Dennis Diamond - Veterans Program/Patient Visitor

Dennis Diamond

Dennis Diamond 

Dennis Diamond wanted to give back to his community in a meaningful way. In 2013, after Dennis and his wife Linda attended a volunteer training, he became involved with Treasure Coast Hospice’s Veterans Program. A U.S. Army veteran, Dennis is well suited for the role and considers it an honor to be able to visit veteran patients to recognize them for their service. 

During a recognition ceremony, veterans are presented with a certificate of appreciation, a special pin and a patriotic blanket, handmade by volunteers.  “I see how honored family members are that I visited their loved one to acknowledge and thank them for their service to our country.”

Dennis takes great care to add a personal touch to each of the veteran ceremonies he handles. “Finding a way to make a personal connection makes vets feel special about their military experience.” It often prompts veterans to share memories or tell a long-forgotten story about their time in the service.  

Having found his volunteer niche, Dennis has conducted more than 400 veteran pinnings over the last eight years. Even when a patient is resting quietly, he has witnessed the subtle facial expressions – a lifted brow or the flicker of eyelids - of a veteran responding to the ceremony’s Final Salute. “Families are so appreciative of the Veterans Program. It is such a rewarding experience to be able to provide comfort to patients and their family members.”